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Our handheld Pavement Marking Reflectometer

Tire/Pavement Noise Levels Related To Roadway Friction Improvement via Skidabrader

By: Bruce Rymer, M Eng., P.E. ,

Paul R. Donavan, PhD. , Erwin Kohler, PhD PE 

highway 77 skid testing 1.jpg
State Highway 77 Project
Paper 124

Comparative Field Testing of Asphalt and Concrete Pavement Preservation Treatments 

Aggregate Treatment TRB Paper 072814-pic
Evaluation of a Chemical Hardening Process To Inhibit Aggregate Abrasion and Polishing 

Aggregate polishing and degradation is a pavement management problem for state highway agencies. 

PCCP Texture Modification using the Skid
PCCP Texture Modification
Using the Skidabrader

Experimental Feature Report

Reflectometer #2 (002).jpg
Douglas SPD Mu-Meter

Friction and Contaminant Testing for
Highways and Runways

Final Report Initial
Construction US 1 
Howard County, MD

Experimental Feature Project
Number MD 1301
Evaluation of Surface Abrasion

15-2082 Nakamura Study Picture.png
A Study on the Cost-Effective Methods For Recovery of Skid Resistance on Concrete and Pavement

Kazuhiro NAKAMURA, Corresponding Author 
NEXCO Research Institute Japan 

Eindrapport Blastrac Report-picture.png
ITC Blastrac trial
re-texturing porous asphalt
by steel shot blasting

Rijkswaterstaat's Innovation Test Centre (ITC) was asked by Blastrac to validate this method for use on main roads in the Netherlands. This report describes the validation trial and the conclusions.

Performance of Shotblasting as a Pavemen
Performance of Shot-blasting
as a Pavement Preservation Technique

Skid resistance is an important aspect of pavement preservation that enables road authorities to be proactive in efficient and effective pavement management.

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