Skidabrader References

I-75 Kenton County, Kentucky

Skidabrader Tasked with Helping Kenton County Kentucky Make Interstate Safe Again

Skidabrader works to insure a section of I-75 in Kentucky can once again be deemed safe for drivers. Read about the story here.


This 21 lane miles of worn asphalt on I-20 in East Texas was textured to restore the wet weather safety needed on the 75 mph highway. The Kilgore News Herald published a front page article about this and the link to it is below.

View Skidabraded Interstate is Saving Lives PDF

Louisiana Statewide Contract

A statewide contract for Louisiana with the completion of 1,794,662 square yards and 255 lanes completed in 41 working days with two machines.  The large scale project spanned nine parish districts and consisted of all Interstate highways.  Skidabrader textured these roads to lower wet weather accident rates.

Major Aircraft Manufacturer 

A major airport manufacturer in Roswell, New Mexico use this operating airport for braking test.  Skidabrader textured this runway to a targeted skid number that met  the FAA specifications.  Skidabrader completed 145,000 square yards in two days with two machines.

Atchafalaya Basin Ridge

Also Known as the Louisiana Airborne Memorial Bridge, this 18.2 mile long twin span bridge is the second longest in the U.S..  Skidabrader was able to texture the entire lenght with no traffic disruption. 

Completion of 500,684 square yards and 71 lane milesin 12 working days with two machines.

Asphalt Runway

In Hunstville, Alabama Skidabrader restored 190,000 square yards in two days with two machines.  Restoring this airports asphalt runway to safe levels when another vendors surface treatment failed six just month earlier.


Toronto Pearson International

Skidabrader recently finished resurfacing work at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Lake Pontchatrain Causeway

The Causeway twin span bridge  at over 23 miles long is the longest continuous bridge over water in the world.  The Skidabrader restored its surface to a safe texture and helped complete the project 90 days ahead of schedule.  This project was 782,000 square yards with 111 lane miles and was completed in 25 working days with three machines.

Industry Article

Roswell International Air Center

Skidabrader was priveliged to work with Dennis Corsi, Jennifer Brady, and the rest of the folks at Roswell International Air Center. The versatility of the Skidabrader machinery enabled us to hit the target skid numbers that were required at both 40 and 60 mph.

Read the full story by clicking on the link below

View Roswell International Air Center Friction Treatment PDF

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