• Texturing of Asphalt and Concrete,  Highways, Runways and Bridges

  • Built specifically for large production work

  • 100% self-contained dustless process

  • Environmentally sound process, blasted materials can be recycled

  • Faster and more economical than other method

  • Most productive machinery of its type

  • Excellent safety record with highly trained technicians and operators

  • Locations throughout North America

30 Years Experience
Texturing Roads in USA & Canada

Pavement Texturing

Wet weather accidents have been dramatically reduced  or in some cases eliminated by modifying asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces with the Skidabrader.  This system was designed for the safety and beautification of structurally sound highways, bridges and other large traffic bearing surfaces.


Skidabrader creates a uniform bi-directional texture by removing surface matrix and contaminates.  This exposes the new points of the original aggregate to grip the face of vehicle tires in a wet weather.  The surface looks and works as good as new and the paint lines can be left-as desired.

Skidabrader machines are infinitely variable to achieve any specification or desired result that is needed.

The machines use self-contained lighting.  The work is laser guided for a straight, professional appearance, and markings can be left intact, if desired.

Better Results

The Skidabrader operator has the horsepower to produce skid resistance fast.  There is nothing added to the pavement to come loose, no irritating tire noise, no flying gravel and no danger of bleed through.  Traffic disruption is minimal die to a dust free operation with a very high production rate.

Financial Cost

Prices for a Skidabrader improvement vary with specification and job conditions, but usually cost only a fraction of alternative methods that achieve the same results.  This nominal expenditure pays off big in lowering the risk of wet weather accicidents while increasing public safety.

Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Skidabrader offers cutting edge testing equipment and testing services from water drainage, friction testing and pavement marking reflectivity.


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Global Contract Services operates Skidabrader and Cyclone Surface Cleaning, specializing in road and runway services. GCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Blastrac Global Group, LLC.

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