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Yes, that was Skidabrader on the I-40 in Raleigh

Skidabrader was asked to texture a new segment of the I-40 NCDOT to prevent an often-common highway issue of hydroplaning.

"What that’s doing is it’s adding a little profile depth to it, which helps water shed or gives tires a little more friction," Bullock said.

The updated pavement will allow for better drainage during heavy rain and enhance friction between tires and the road, reducing hydroplaning incidents, according to the NCDOT.

"Visually it’s so minor you’re not gonna see it driving but you’re gonna see some discoloration difference," Bullock said.

New areas of I-40 between southeast Raleigh and Clayton have already been treated by shotblasting and will open within a few weeks, so drivers may notice discoloration in the asphalt.

Link to story by local news station WRAL, story by Carly Haynes, WRAL reporter. I-40 pavement will look different between southeast Raleigh and Clayton (

Photo credit NCDOT

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