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The Latest on the Capitol Beltway Project with Skidabrader.

This video is exactly what makes Skidabrader Group LLC special. Our team is proud of its work nationally and we know it works to save lives. Our motto "WHAT WE DO MATTERS"

SKIDABRADER GROUP has a collection of unique technologies for the road, runway, and concrete markets. Our unique Skidabrader method for improving friction is a one of a kind global problem solver for the safety of roads and runways with low frictions numbers. Our Cyclone Technologies™ uses Ultra High Pressure trucks with a low cost, low water, and environmentally friendly solution to gate cleaning and rubber and paint removal. Adding our Concrete and Polishing Division with the Velox and Redbull concrete grinding technologies offer extremely productive, competitive, and finite control of concrete surfaces from refinement for specialty applications to polishing in commercial and industrial buildings. Skidabrader Group operates under a winning philosophy that is built on technology, experience and exceeding your expectations in challenging applications. Because safety and saving lives matters, the culture of our team revolves around the statement "What we do matters”. We believe in it, work hard at it and go home at night knowing we made a difference.

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