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Skidabrader Group 2021 Award

Construction Tech Review Magazine has honored Skidabrader in its annual listing "for companies at the forefront of tackling customer challenges" 2021 Bridge Tech Edition.

Driven Forward with Commitment and a Penchant for Success, Skidabrader Group’s operation is so efficient that the company was featured on local TV news stations and on national TV networks such as the History Channel and the Discovery Channel. More recently the company worked with the Maryland department of transportation to ‘Skidabrade’ 'The big curve’ as they call it in Maryland, which was having excessive accidents. The specialists at the company came in and performed a demonstration a few months ago and showed the client the profile and friction results they could achieve. Needless to say, the client asked Skidabrader Group to fulfill 30 lane miles of Skidabrading.

Since providing the service, they client has had no accidents in wet weather, minimizing lane closures and loss of work time, deaths and injuries, and releasing emergency services from having to respond, saving money; allowing highway patrols, fire departments and

EMTs to respond to other emergencies. The company has always kept this attention to safety as its core tenet, and its new management is working on translating their ongoing success to modernize their fleet via analytics. The company hopes to inject past friction data results into their operations to create better Skidabrading results for customers.

The Skidabrader Group has thus begun modernizing their controls, adding laser profilometers to the equipment, and immediately measuring the micro and macro texture by integrating software to compare their data without having to retest their data surfaces, which are quite expensive to do throughout the state. The company thus believes that the future of this industry is all data. By putting together, crash data and road friction together in an algorithm and measuring the results, it is easy to see where the industry is headed. As Klugherz puts it, “By collecting information that’s available in the market today and analyzing it, we can immediately address the relevant areas for measurable results.” In conjunction with intra-expansion, the inter-expansion of the company is scheduled to take place in coming months, as Skidabrader Group works to open offices in Texas and Pennsylvania to add to the offices they already have in Louisville, Louisiana, Arizona and California thus making their equipment more readily available to the customers. The company is also in the process of building the next generation of machines for Canada, Mexico, and international markets, to extend the safety of secure roads for all that ride along it.

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