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Did You See Us in Construction Tech Review Magazine?

Skidabrader Group LLC is featured in the magazine Bridge Tech August 2021 edition.

Excerpt: Solving the Challenge of Friction with Innovation

To provide quality grip on roadways, it is important to create quality texturing at both the micro and macro levels to enable the rubber treads of the tires to hold on to the surface. Unique in its ability to blast in a 360 degree pattern around aggregate in the substrate, Skidabrading can create perfect micro and macro friction on any road surface. Using a high-velocity impact method, the Skidabrader machine is a six foot wide purpose-built machine with bi-directional centrifugal wheel, with blast heads that release 2000 pounds of steel shot every 60 seconds at the surface. The shot abrasive is then recovered through an energy and vacuum process that recycles it through a screen air wash system and returns the abrasive back to the blast wheels. The process thus increases surface texture allowing tires to grip the pavement, even in wet weather. In addition, with Skidabrading, the texturing provides water an escape route away from the tire footprint, thereby minimizing water accumulation. It therefore provides much greater resistance

to skidding and hydroplaning, with surface drainage that is unidirectional as opposed to the directional characteristics of grooves and scratch lines made at the time of construction.

“There is nothing added to the surface to come loose and damage vehicles under traffic as is the case with micro surfacing and chip seals. Skidabrading is a dry surface treatment that removes some of the softer surface matrix and its trapped contaminants to expose new sharp points of the aggregates readily available in the original mix design,” Klugherz.

It’s the only technology of its kind in the market today, delivered in a cost-effective, economical, quick, and very productive manner. The process removes the need for extensive lane closures and requires only about 1/10th of the cost of high friction surface treatment applications, as with resins and aggregate applied to the surface to create friction or surface protection. As a result, the process ensures 360-degree aggregate exposure with an aesthetically pleasing seamless appearance, and the high-velocity impact method does not significantly change the color, devoid of streaking and overlap scarring. Further, the noise characteristics of the treated surface compare very well against other pavement textures as well.

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