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SKIDABRADER GROUP has a collection of unique technologies for the global market.

Our unique Skidabrader method for improving friction is a one-of-a-kind global problem solver for the safety of roads and runways with low frictions numbers. Our Cyclone Technology® uses Heated Ultra High-Pressure and Low-Pressure trucks with a low cost, low water, and environmentally friendly solution to gate cleaning and rubber and paint removal. Adding to our technologies, is our High Friction Surface Treatment, fully automated, technologically advanced trucks offer extremely productive, competitive, and environmentally sound friction to surfaces that have high braking areas and is extremely successful in wet area accident reduction.


Skidabrader Group operates under a philosophy that is built on technology, experience and exceeding your expectations in challenging applications. Because safety and saving lives matters, the culture of our team revolves around the statement "What we do matters”.  We believe in it, work hard at it and go home at night knowing we made a difference.  Thank you for visiting and please review our site for our unique technologies and services.

Stephen Klugherz,

CEO & Partner

skidabrading [skid-uh-braid-ing]

a process of texturing pavement for safety


The Skidabrader team of operators have 100’s of years of combined experiences on roads and runways to improve texture, surface modification, and rubber and marking removal.  We operate to the industry's highest standards for safety and testing requirements. We pride ourselves on training and certifying every professional before they are put on any job executing any function. When the Skidabrader Group is on the job, an industry expert is also on the job which includes Skidabraders' 25+ years of references. We will get it done correctly to specification, safely, and on time.


From NASA to the nation's highways, from major airports to international racetracks, and from huge parking centers to universities, Skidabrader Group will meet and exceed your expectations. Our equipment in all technologies is specialized and is designed, built, and operated, to serve in this effort. Our entire staff pledges their complete support in providing this industry with the best concrete and asphalt surface services possible.  We have a world class reference list of longtime customers who count on Skidabrader Group to exceed their expectations.

A Track Record of Safety and Success

Skidabrader is built in the USA and has been operating in North America for more than 30 years


782,000 square yards

111 lane miles


The Cause Way  twin span bridge over 23 miles long is the longest continuous bridge over water in the world.  The Skidabrader restored its surface to a safe texture and helped complete the project in 90 days ahead of schedule.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

shutterstock_1371617297_airplane take of

145, 000 square yards

2 Machines in 2 Days

Major aircraft manufacturers use

this operating airport for braking

tests for aircraft.  Skidabrader textured this runway to targeted skid numbers that met FAA specifications
within 2 days.

Rosewell, New Mexico


1,794,662 square miles

255 lane miles

This large scale project spanned nine parish districts,  consisted of all Interstate Highways and was completed in 41 working days with 2 machines.  Skidabrader textured the roads to lower wet weather accident rates.

Louisiana Statewide Contract


  • Clean, Dry Operation

  • No Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

  • Truck-mounted Electromagnets Are Used
    On All Airport Projects

  • Excellent Friction Numbers with Reduced Tire Wear and Rubber Build-up

  • Highly Productive Equipment Reduces Lane Closures

  • State of the Art Rubber and Strip Removal


  • Promotes Surface Drainage

  • Reduces Hydroplaning

  • Improves Both Micro and Macro Texture

  • Retexturing Extends the Life of the Surface

  • Prepares Surface for Sealers and Overlays

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Top Operators in the Industry Today

  • Military Clearance, Safety & Success

  • Uniform Precise Results


  • No Damage to Finger Joints or Drainage Inlets

  • No Airborne Contaminates

  • No Contaminated Run-off

  • Truck Mounted Vacuum Unites to FacilitateOff-Site Blasted Material Disposal

  • Highly Economical Solution to Hydroplaning and Friction Management

  • Reduces Crashes- Saves Lives

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