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Measures Pavement Drainage Capability

The HydroTimer is a self contained outflow meter that is a hands off operation which produces consistantly accurate results regardless of the operator as long as the tests are preformed in accordance with the instructions. 

The HydroTimer is a precision instrument calibrated to meet the ASTM International
E 2380-05 Standards.




Measures Pavement Marking  Reflectiveness

Agencies have always recognized the important correlation between pavement markings’ visibility and roadway safety.
As automated and autonomous vehicles become more prolific, good markings become even more critical for continued safe operation on mixed-use roads. These agencies are embarking on the challenge of assessing and managing the pavement markings of their entire roadway system.

Skid Friction Tester

Measuring the Friction on Pavement

Airplanes and Automobiles depend on tire friction between runways and roads.  This friction is what keeps planes and autos from sliding and slipping especially in wet weather.


Over time, the skid-resistance of  pavement deteriorates due to weathering, usage, aging and contaminants. The most persistent contaminant problem is deposits of rubber from tires of landing jet aircraft. Heavy rubber deposits can completely cover the pavement surface texture causing loss of aircraft braking capability and directional control, particularly when runways are wet. 


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