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High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST) is the application of specialty coatings that improve traction in dangerous sections of highways. A major advancement in transportation safety for severe curves and breaking areas, sharp corners, areas entering intersections, bridges, highway off ramps–there are many areas where traction conditions vary and yet the ability to maintain friction between the tires and the road surface is critical for driver safety.

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Our HFST trucks are high production, fully automated and specifically designed for High Friction Surface Treatment.
This technology reduces errors and inaccuracies which allows for more consistent results and guarantees you will meet your target specifications.



High Friction Surface Treatment is
long-term and sustainable answer
for roads, bridges, sidewalks and
bicycle lanes with consistent durable
and high friction levels that have
been proven to reduce crashes and increase roadway safety.

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HFST’s nominal effect on the surrounding environment is due to the treatment’s application between existing pavement edges, resulting in no net increase of impervious areas. HFST can be implemented quickly eliminating most environmental concern.



  • Does not require any manual work

  • The applicator is continuously mixed, metered, and monitored when applying the resin binder and high friction aggregate in one continuous application pass.

  • The automated applicator will have continuous pumping and portioning devices that blend the polymer binder within a controlled system.

  • The polymer binder is blended and mixed in the ratio per the manufacture's specifications.

  • Installs at 12' full lanes widths at 26 linear ft./minute

  • Will install up to 2600 sq. yards per hour before requiring to be refilled.




  • To clean and prepare surfaces such as steel, concrete and asphalt.

  • To remove top layers like paint and epoxy.

  • To remove markings & rubber from highways, runways, industrial floors and more.

  • To improve skid resistance on surfaces such as sidewalks, bike paths, roads and runways.

  • To generate optical and aesthetics effects on surfaces like roads, highways and runways.

HFST is a safety treatment made for spot locations with high friction demand (shear forces) such as severe
curves and braking areas. By using calcined bauxite, which is much smaller (1-3 mm nominal size) and possesses very anti-abrasion and polish-resistant material, as an aggregate, high friction numbers can be maintained
over time. Installed HFST friction numbers (from locked-wheel skid testing) are over 70 and many times
in the high 80s or low 90s. The HFST resin binder material is a thermosetting, polymer-based material
and is an estimated 8-12-year friction-enhancing treatment.

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