Elevated roadways are more susceptible to freezing and need texture to keep vehicle tires running on aggregate peaks instead of water and ice.   Alternative methods of applying surface material to achieve texture, add dead load weight to the structure, are expensive and create time-consuming lane closures.

Skidabrader increases texture, drainage, and friction simultaneously in existing pavement.  Steel and synthetic joints are completely unharmed and need not be protected or altered. Traffic disruption is minimal and paint lines can be left in place if desired.

The Skidabrader surface modification has been chosen for many high profile bridge projects world wide, including the Pontchartrain Bridge.  All 95 miles of 14′ lane and shoulder was completed in 25 working days using 3 Skidabrader machines. 

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Global Contract Services operates Skidabrader and Cyclone Surface Cleaning, specializing in road and runway services. GCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Blastrac Global Group, LLC.

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