Skidabrader Group is a technology and solutions-based contractor services business for infrastructure preservation and renewal. Safety and “Saving Lives” are the Company’s compelling work and structure.


SKIDABRADERS bi-directional high velocity impact method uses multiple blast wheels propelling steel abrasive at the surface in a proprietary head design.  These 1000 horsepower units can texture 360 degrees around the aggregate to provide improved micro and macro texture.  Skidabrading is the fastest and most economical method to address friction requirements on roads and runways.

SKIDABRADER GROUP, operates several water cleaning machines by CYCLONE TECHNOLOGIES. Cyclone machines use Ultra-High Pressure Water (UHPW) of
up to 44,000 psi delivered through sapphire tipped nozzles to clean substrates.  These machines are fully contained for any removal application such as rubber, striping, curing compound or bitumen.

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Blastrac 2-4800DHMIV steel grit and shot-blasting machines are used for removing heavy coatings from concrete and steel surfaces.  The Blastrac machine uses steel media fed through centrifugal blast wheels at 2000 lbs. per minute.  The unit captures and recycles the abrasive and any material which is then cleaned through a specialized air-wash system and returned to the blast wheel.