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Skidabrader Group LLC concrete surface technologies is a team of experts in surface preparation.  We service retail, commercial, industrial and warehouse distribution centers.  Skidabraders concrete polishing and coating process, specification writing, and training backed by more than 200 years combined concrete flooring experience to give the customer an
eco-friendly and performance based floor that surpasses our competition.

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Let's Get Started

Pre-Slab Meeting

Initially a site inspection or review of a specification will be held to assess the concrete, desired price points, life cycle and maintenance of the floor to be installed.  In most cases a mock up maybe preformed if necessary to determine possible outcomes and address any issues with the floor.

One Point of Contact

You will have one point of contact, one phone number 24 hours a day. Our project management service is designed to insure that your project is as important to us as it is to your company.   Our point of contact will personally make sure your project is not only done to your jobs spec but will be on-time and trouble free.

On-Site Supervision

On-site supervision is provided to insure the project stays on task and on budget. Our management team will enforce that operators are certified, have the proper equipment, our following the specification and meet all required safety protocol. 

Cast-In-Place Assistance

Not only do we provide custom warrantied specifications but if needed we can provide cast-in-place specification and design assistance for your floor. We want to ensure your floors consistency from project to project regardless of geographic differences and locations.

Technology & Testing

During the project technology will be utilized for testing and measurements to include surface profile and gloss. These measurements insure a consistent floor from project-to-project and from coast-to-coast. This consistency ensures that floors can be uniformity maintained and will meet their life expectancy.  

Factory Trained Professionals

With over 100 top level installers in North America, we can assist in selecting a contractor to meet your floor specifications. Our installers are highly vetted over
an exhaustive range of criteria and then provided mandatory on-going training and assistance to insure only the highest quality
end result.

Our Work on Display

Our Clients

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